Things about Google Workspace no one told you

Things about Google Workspace no one told you

Ideazfirst is Google Partner

Are you using Gmail for your personal email ID? If yes, then you also love Gmail interface, then obviously you will love Google Workspace. Ideazfirst Technologies is the proud partner for Google Workspace and we help you setup mail and other services up and running seamless & faster than ever before

Google Workspace is the new avatar of earlier known Google Apps or GSuite. This makes the life of the IT Administrator easier and stress free. And specially for small organizations where the founder and CEO is everything and she or he is the Admin Head.

1) Everything is secure whether its email, chat, meetings and all the Google services in one place with an easy to use dashboard and admin panel.
2) No bulky backups required for Outlook *.pst files when employees quit and domain based email boxes change hands.

We would recommend you to shift all your domains to Google Domains. This will help you in several ways and make your life easier, for example : -

  1. Add multiple domain admin users using their Google Workspace accounts, to manage DNS and renew domains.
  2. Renew domains automatically on the due dates using secure Google Pay
  3. Free Privacy Protection for most domain extensions like .com, .org and four Google Name Servers for faster site loading.
  4. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protection for domain from threats like DNS cache poisoning attacks and DNS spoofing
  5. Faster domain validation for setting up all the Google domain based services like SEO services of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, 
Please call us at 9830669066 or email us at for a customised solution with seamless integration of Zoho, Google and Razorpay.
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