Corporate Wellness & Stress Management Workshops by Ideazfirst

Workshops by Ideazfirst

Ideazfirst is introducing a series of workshops as below: - 

A) Wellness and stress management workshops for both individuals & social groups as well as corporate & governmental organization. 
Mode of Interaction / format - Offline at the company office premises
Mode of communication - Interactive with mix of English, Hindi and Bengali.
  1. First - we will conduct basic health checkups for all employees - These include Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure. 
  2. Second - An experienced ayurvedic doctor conducts "Nadi Pariksha" to understand the dosha - Vat, Pitta, Kapha and understand the health issues and diet patterns of each person and make individual recommendations. (Dr. Lakshman P Vyas has more than 45 years of experience)
  3. Thirdly group sessions on reducing stress would be organized in teams by Rajesh Kishanpuriya (author of How to reduce stress and increase bliss in your life? aimed at guidelines on changes in lifestyle for bliss.
Some workshops (pre recorded) are available free with self paced learning on reducing stress (point 3 above) here -

In this workshop we would share a small questionnaire and try to understand more about your lifestyle, fooding habits, and types of stress you may be having. Broadly there are two formats : -
  1. On an organizational level - Here, we focus more towards your work performance and productivity enhancement techniques and also cover stress arising due to your specific industry or profession. 
  2. On Social / Individual Level - Here, we focus more on health tips, meditation practices, emotional cleansing by way of forgiveness and gratitude practices. These are groups like residential complex group, Club or community etc.
We should aim for prevention, rather than cure of disease. A disease not only causes pain and inconvenience, but also time and money curing it, draining a person's natural and financial resources. Healthy persons have a natural resistance to disease, and particularly to infections (including the ongoing Covid 19)

For an all-round, consistent good health one needs to have a balanced diet, and habits as below: -

  1. Proper diet with focus on fruits and nuts. Avoid overeating and fasting once a week.
  2. Yoga and Exercises in fresh air and early morning sunshine
  3. Proper breathing and correct posture
  4. Positive & Peaceful work and home environment
  5. Good, positive thoughts and cheerfulness
  6. Importance of Forgiveness and Gratitude in life
  7. Guided meditation practice. 
  8. Maintaining a health journal using your mobile app like Apple Health or an excel sheet with key metrics like Weight, Height, BMI, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, and other general pathological tests to compare with the average / normal range and identify variations if any. 
Please contact us at - or call us on 9830669066 for customized workshops aimed at productivity and improved resilience. 

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